«АI Ukraine» – backstage of project

January 14, 2019

The development of artificial intelligence can not be measured even in 10 years. Every year we do not notice increasing of the number of gadgets which make life easier for us, but at the same time it partially replace a person in various fields of activity. We strive for friendliness with the “representatives” of artificial intelligence and it becomes our indispensable companion. AI is also a frequent subject of discussion, for instance, people organize meetings and events, such as AI Ukraine. In October 2018 in Kiev the largest international practical conference “AI Ukraine” was opened to those who want to share experiences and discuss the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Our WeeDesign team was honored to create video content for the opening of this conference.

We did not have enough time, as we would like for implementing the planned scenario of up to three minutes. Therefore, it is worth knowing that not only creative forces were invested in this project, but also several sleepless nights. In order not to fail the customer, our animation specialist did not sleep for two days in a row! We joked: animation maniacs do not need sleep.
Let’s back to the technical description of creating a 3D video for the conference’s opening. We began with the fact that we had on hand the outline of a script with schematic sketches. The Interest and complexity consisted in the fact that every second contained a different effect from the previous one. Firstly we decided to practice and started trying to create the desired effects in different ways. We were also deciding what is best to do in 3D using Cinema4D and what is better to implement using Adobe After Effect. Thus, we synthesized 2D with 3D graphics and special effects

Adobe After Effect plugin – plexus.

From the first seconds you can see hand painted effect in the shape of impulse in the form of a cardiogram and the inscription “AI”. And here comes the main character – a sphere as a symbol of the birth of artificial intelligence. It seems that it took the most time and creative ideas to find the very ideal form transfer.

The scene where you can see the reincarnations of the wheels in the car that than turns into the plane implemented using (now you will wonder) ZBrush. The shape of one object was taken as a basis and then in order to implement the morphing procedure in Cinema4D the shape of each object was altered without changing the grid using the “Move”, “Inflate” and “Dam standart” brushes. We already turned these meshes into particles using x-particles in Cinema 4D. For a smooth, but at the same time for expressive transition of particles we used the parameter “particle life”.

The shape of the face that was extruding from the lines has been also implemented in 3D. To model this we took the mesh of the head, usual primitive lines and applied “interaction”. In this easy way we got this interesting effect. Hands and molecular formulas have also been implemented with the help of 3D effects.

The character from the particles of the silhouette of a human holds a special place in this project. For its realization the movements of a real dancer were shot against the background of chromakey. After that, particles were implanted into the shape of human by imposing masks on it in Adobe After Effect. As a result, the dancer interacted on stage with dynamic video content.
All transitions and effects were designed in order to transmit the depth of space, which increases the feeling of involving the viewer in the three-dimensional world of artificial intelligence.
This project was not just a working task for the WeeDesign team, but a reason for intense brainstorming and creative feedback in a short time. What can you do to meet the aesthetic needs of customers?

You can see this project right here: AI Ukraine


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