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Logo Animation

Logo Animation is undoubtedly the best option to make a brand recognizable and live. Moreover, it is a good way to stand out from competitors since an animated logo guarantees originality. From 2D/3D animation to designing creative and great logos at WeeDesign we bring all ideas into life. We propose you the best logo animation services who will leave great impacts and a better outcome for your business.

People are twice as likely to memorize an animated logo compared to the static image.

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Explanatory Video

Explanatory videos are mainly short videos that tell a company’s story or explain their products and services. This type of video content is considered to be the best and the simplest way to present anything.Corporate film, explanatory video, presentation video, and promotional video: whatever the needs and requirements, At WeeDesign we offer various types of animated videos to spread your message more effectively and increase your sales.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video.

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Promo Video

Do you want to sell a product, promote a website or a service? Animated Promotional Video is the best video format to boost your marketing actions! Advertising spot in video or motion design, video clip, creation of a jingle, a custom musical universe, recording of a voice-over, WeeDesign takes care of everything in order for your product to be unique.

87% of online marketers use videos in order to promote services and products.

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Composed of illustrations and animations, accompanied with a voice-over, a good storytelling, the whiteboard/scribing video makes it possible to present the most complex subjects to a greater number of people. Fun and entertaining it’s the very popular way to present anything! Our team provides whiteboard animation services, helping businesses improve internal communications and external marketing objectives with video.

Whiteboard animations have a 25% better retention rate than the average corporate talking head video.

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