2D/3D Illustration

An illustration is a visual representation, a decoration or an interpretation of a text or an idea. At the same time, illustration can be a process or a concept. Generally, an illustration is integrated in published media such as magazines, books, posters, animations, teaching materials, flyers, video games, and films. Whatever the style, our team can create and draw an original 2D and 3D illustration according to specific needs.

It’s no secret – people are visual learners and are far more likely to perceive and memorize information when they see it in the form of illustration.

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A sticker is a detailed illustration of a character or an object that represents an emotion or action, often in a humorous and funny manner. Stickers are also elaborate, character-driven emoticons that help to communicate with each other, to convey values of a company and to build brand awareness more efficiently. Are you looking for original and funny stickers? We are ready to help :)

Animated stickers and GIFs are more appealing and more effective in Social Media strategy.

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Character is usually an illustrated person, animal, or object. Often a character is also called a mascot that is believed to bring good luck, or one that represents an organization. Our designers create memorable, funny, cartoon characters and mascots, considering that each character has its own style, personality and facial expressions.

Cartoon characters in marketing have the power to make your concept simpler to understand because they visualize the content in a fun, engaging way.

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Cover Art

Cover art is usually an illustration on the outside of a published product such as a book, magazine, newspaper, DVD, CD, or music album. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you are looking for a creative cover design for your product :)

For 79% of readers covers play a decisive role in their decision to purchase a book.

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